Approved Consultants Register – 2-5 Employees


Application for each individual consultant will need to be completed in order for this membership to be approved. Please download the application below to complete for all additional memberships.

The Criteria for Approved Consultants

  • Minimum AQF Level 5 Diploma in Arboriculture for all consultants (to include subject list)
  • Demonstrated evidence of on-going training, with proof of attendance, at 3 events per year. This can include:
    • QAA events and workshops
    • Climbing competitions (this can include volunteering as a judge)
    • QTRA, TRAQ, or VALID
    • ISA events or certifications
    • In-house training
    • Online courses/training
  • All relevant insurances (eg. Professional Indemnity Insurance – Certificate of Currency)
  • Supply a minimum of 3 reports written within the last 5 years (specific client details can be removed)
  • Proven experience with tree ID, location, and measurement
  • Proof of experience with tree hazard/risk assessment methodologies (e.g. QTRA, TRAQ). Risk assessment can not be hired/subbed out.
  • Proven experience with tree condition investigation equipment (e.g. Resistograph, Picus, Tree Radar). Note: we do not need proof of ownership of this equipment just inclusion of evidence obtained included in a report that you have compiled

Downloadable application form can be found here:

Approved Consultant Register Application Form


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Membership for the Approved Consultants Register for a company with 2-5 employees.

This fee covers the annual Inclusion on Approved Consultants Register from 01/07/2023 – 30/06/2024. 

Please contact the office for further information on the new fee structure and documentation required to stay current.

Failure to submit required documents, will result in removal from Register.


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