Representing Arborists in Queensland & Nth NSW


Bill Wilcock

Bill has been an Arboricultural Consultant in Australia for over thirty years.  His work in Australia has included projects that are on the cutting edge of Arboriculture among which are large transplants, planting and maintenance strategies, and concepts development for residences among mature trees.

His passionate aim is to see the tree industry continue to develop to include pathways for workers to grow their careers with offers of academic enrichment and opportunities to become more significant to business and the industry.


Simon Lonsdale

Simon chose a career in Arboriculture which started in 1995.

Trained in the UK Simon came to Australia in 2005 to continue working as a climbing Arborist to experience new challenges. 





Roger Rankine

Roger works at Independent Arboricultural Services – and Arboricultural consultancy practice specialising in all aspects of tree services including transplanting of trees, tree risk assessments, tree selection and tree management.

Roger’s family have been involved in all facets of the Arboricultural Industry since 2002 through owning and running a tree services business and since 2007 focusing on Arboricultural consulting.




Arna Love



Henk Morgans

Henk Morgans is the co-founder of Evergreen Tree Care and Australian Institute of Arboriculture (AIA).

Henk has worked and climbed alongside some of the top climbers and arborists from around the world. This has allowed great exposure to the mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge to back up fundamental skills and techniques of the industry.

Henk has also had the privilege of working with several large manufacturers to design and test equipment. Henk has been involved in presenting many workshops all around the world, as well as an avid competitor at State, National and International level Tree Climbing Championships.




Jamie Boston

Jamie Boston is currently a Training Manager at Treescape Australasia in Brisbane.

An avid competitive climber Jamie has claimed victories and placing in various Tree Climbing competitions throughout the world.






Ben McDonald

Ben is the owner of Branch Creek Tree Services on the Sunshine Coast.

Ben has spent the past 22 years as a full time tree contractor specialising in tree removal and pruning. Ben currently holds his Diploma in Arboriculture and has the ISA TRAQ Qualification.