QTCC 2022

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The 2022 Queensland Tree Climbing Championship (QTCC) will be held on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November 2022. You can find further details about the event below. 
When: Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November 2022
Where: Colmslie Beach Reserve, 152 Colmslie Road, Murarrie

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat (for when you’re not competing)
  • Climbing gear
  • Snacks (lunch will be provided)


There is plenty of parking within the Colmslie Beach Reserve. Simply look for the QAA flag to find the exact competition area.


  • Aerial Rescue
  • Ascent
  • Belayed Speed Climb
  • Throwline
  • Work Climb
  • Masters (for top overall ranking competitors from the other five events)

Competition rules:

The 2022 QTCC will run using the new 2022-2024 ITCC Rule Book, which came into effect at the ITCC 2022. Major changes to events are outlined below.

All competitors should familiarize themselves with the new rule book prior to QTCC. You can view a copy here.

Some of the more notable changes to 2022 QTCC events are:

Aerial Rescue

Points for “Efficiency” have been removed and reallocated to the “Casualty Assessment & Handling”, “Descent” and “Landing” sections.

Ascent Event

  • Amended time points during SETUP and CHANGEOVER from 3-2-1-0 to 2-1-0. The two points were moved to ASCENT; the possible points, which changed from 17 to 19, will be awarded for the fastest time.
    • SETUP and CHANGEOVER time points/ranges have been amended based on times observed during International, Regional, and local chapter Ascent Events.
      • For the Setup, up to 2 Time Points can be awarded based on completion time. Time Points are awarded as follows:
        • 2 points – completed in 24.99 seconds or less
        • 1 point – completed in 25.00 to 49.99 seconds
        • 0 points – completed in 50.00 to 89.99 seconds (2022)
      • For the Changeover times, up to 2 Time Points can be awarded based on completion time. Time Points are awarded as follows:
        • 2 points – completed in 4.99 seconds or less
        • 1 point – completed in 5.00 to 12.99 seconds
        • 0 points – completed in over 13.00 seconds (2022)
    • System backup points changed to:
      • 0 points (no backup)
      • 1 point earned if the system backup is attached to the same climbing line as the primary ascending system.
      • 2 points earned if the system backup is attached to a second climbing line (2022)


Belayed Speed Climb

Reduced possible points earned from 15 to 10.


  • Retrievable Stationary Rope Option for Competitors
    5.3.10 Competitors will have the option of adding a canopy anchor SRS system to their successfully scored climb line for an additional 2 points per side of the tree(s). (2022)
  • The canopy anchor SRS system must be retrievable by the competitor immediately after the event ends. If the system is not retrievable after time has expired, no points will be awarded for installing the climb line.
  • Once a competitor scores their climb line, they must decide if they want to attempt the SRS system before proceeding. They cannot return to a previously scored line to attempt an SRS system. (See Rule 5.2.18 regarding declared scores.)
  • There is no penalty for not attempting a canopy anchor SRS system. (2022)


Masters Challenge

The point value of the “Visual Tree Assessment” has been increased.
The “Workstations” section of the score sheet has been rearranged for ease and flow of scoring.
The “Penalties” section has been adjusted to improved clarity.


Gear check:

Ensuring all competitors are using equipment that is safe is the first task of all our tree climbing competitions. If you’re new to tree climbing competitions, or would just like a refresher, the ISA have a complimentary Gear Check Video that covers how to properly conduct a gear check for a Tree Climbing Competition (TCC).

The video, which looks at a range of topics relating to proper equipment, maintenance and safety, can be found here.



Events such as QTCC don’t happen without a multitude of amazing volunteers. We are looking for people to help as judges, tree technicians, and with Masters set up.

If you aren’t competing at QTCC this year but still want to be part of this amazing event, volunteering is a great option. To find out more and to register your interest click here.


Individual Event Sponsors:

Is your business or organization looking to get your brand in front of professional arborists in a fun and relaxed environment?
Individual sponsor opportunities are available for QTCC 2022. Sponsors can either supply goods for both male and female, or donate money that the QAA will spend on purchasing prizes to fill out the remainder of the prizes.

Individual events available for sponsorship are:

  • Rookie of the Competition
  • Ascent Event (Male and Female)
  • Belayed Speed Climb (Male and Female)
  • Throwline (Male and Female)

To find out more, email office@qaa.net.au or call us on 07 3821 1488.