This is a two-day workshop based off the newly released Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) booklets produced by Arboriculture Australia.
This workshop will cover all aspects of Tree Climbing from Climbing equipment and inspection through to Tree Climbing core skills and Techniques.
All attendees will be supplied with their own copy of the MIS Booklet – MIS303 (TREE DISMANTLING – Techniques for rigging and aerial tree removal operations).

DAY ONE – Tuesday 7th July 2020
• Preparing for Tree Removal
• Dismantling Trees
• Completing Tree Removal
• Tree removal strategies
• Tree inspection for dismantling
• Hazard Control measures
• Basic rigging concepts
DAY TWO – Wednesday 8th July 2020
• Selecting and inspecting rigging equipment
• Rigging equipment configuration and proper use
• Introduction to forces in rigging
• Dismantling Trees
• Site Management
MIS303 covers the basics of tree dismantling, including site set up, equipment inspection, rigging techniques, the use of a chainsaw in trees, and some fundamental concepts of rigging forces and rigging system design. Many other techniques and rigging equipment configurations exist which are not discussed in this MIS booklet, but the information presented forms a solid foundation on which practitioners can build.


Henk Morgans is a world-renowned tree climber who specialises in technical tree work and is a Trainer Assessor.

As the co-founder of the Australian Institute of Arboriculture (AIA) and Evergreen Tree Care, his cutting-edge technical skills are both simple and highly effective
mixed with his ability to relate and present knowledge that is relevant and useful.
Henk has worked and climbed alongside some of the top climbers and Arborists from around the world. This has allowed great exposure to the mix of practical
skills and theoretical knowledge to back up these fundamental skills and techniques.
Henk has also had the privilege of working with several large manufacturers to design and test equipment.
Henk has presented workshops all around the world, as well as competed at State, National and International level Tree Climbing Championships.


2 Day Course:
NON MEMBER $436.00
Full Course – 6 Days Covering MIS303, MIS304 & MIS305
QUALIFIED MEMBER $1000.00 ($128 savings)
GENERAL MEMBER $1100.00 ($118 savings)
NON MEMBER $1200.00 ($108 savings)
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