Elizabeth Dann, Associate Professor from University Queensland will be presenting this Live webinar via Microsoft Teams.

Date: Tuesday 23 February 2021.

Time: 8.00 am – 10.00 am.

The presentation will focus on the two following topics:

  • Soilborne and foliar fungal diseases
  • How to manage them

Following these presentations will be a Q & A.


About Liz:

I did a BScAgr at University of Sydney and enjoyed completing an independent research project in plant pathology during my last semester. I went straight onto a Ph.D. in the same lab, investigating the natural defense mechanism in plants, using green bean as a model host. I had 2 years at Michigan State University in the USA, looking at induced resistance to diseases in soybean, and returned to Sydney working on various projects. I moved to Brisbane in 2001, joined the fruit pathology team at DPI (now DAF) and switched to research on diseases in tropical and subtropical crops, mainly mango and avocado, juggling part-time work with raising a family.


What Liz is currently working on:

The Queensland Government and University of Queensland set up a new institute within UQ, QAAFI (Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation) in 2010, so I joined UQ but remained located with my DPI/DAF plant pathology team.  I lead the pathology and disease management projects for the avocado industry (funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado R&D levy).  The research is very applied and covers all diseases of avocados. It takes me into the field and nurseries a lot for research trials and also diagnostic work, ie. helping growers with disease or other orchard issues. There is more flexibility within UQ, so my team frequently complete short consultancy projects, which can also lead to very rewarding outcomes for industry.  I supervise students for postgrad (eg. masters and Ph.D.) and also short undergrad research projects.


Why Liz is passionate about this topic:

I have a lot of direct interaction with industry, getting out in the field for research trials and learning first-hand what the main production issues are for growers. I enjoy presenting my team’s research to industry to show them how they can take steps to improve their productivity or fruit quality. I have to acquire knowledge in areas outside of my training, eg. plant physiology, soil science, marketing, and this all helps me to put our specific research outputs into an overall management plan.  I also enjoy mentoring staff and students.


Liz’s goal for this webinar:

I hope the participants will appreciate all of the complex pathogens and factors facing long term tree cropping, and I hope I can highlight some of the common problems affecting trees, whether in city parks or gardens, or commercial orchards. Many of the management strategies or approaches are likely to be similar.


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