Guy Meilleur:

Guy Meilleur is an ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist and a former Utility, Municipal, and Tree Climber Specialist.  The author of 34 Detective Dendro episodes, Guy is a former Instructor at Duke University and an international advocate for the Veteran Tree Network.

6 years’ vice-chair of the ISA Educational Goods and Services Committee, Guy assisted with material development and review. As a Tree Care Standard Committee member, Guy promoted environmental values while collaborating with utility counterparts. Guy celebrates 50 years of conserving tree value by pruning, root invigoration, support and lighting systems, and community education, climbing trees as an antidote to ageing.


About the workshop:

Simply speaking, any arborist is able to develop and deliver defendable opinions in a report. Many Detective Dendro stories were based on arborist reports. Suspicious Specks turned on the mysteries within the tree. The one-page appraisal report was finished and faxed during a lunch break. Fearsome Fossil countered nine points raised in favour of executing a stinky ginkgo, and convinced an historical commission to spare it. Detectable Decline banished ‘mortality spiral’ myths and reversed a rival’s condemnation of a valued arboreal asset. We’ll extract elements of writing from these mostly true tales, turn some grammatical nuts and bolts, and rebuild the real-life reports.

Then we’ll head out to the trees, and see what they have to say. Templates will be provided, to help systematise the critical skills of forensic diagnosis.  See how Background, Assignment, Observations, Analysis, Discussion and Conclusions flow as smoothly as any conversation. Unlock the potential in basic cutting-and-pasting, and advance your ability to integrate illustrations, edit and revise. With confidence and practice, you can successfully sell your opinions in the form of arborist reports.


  • Introduce the topic and the speaker and the participants.
  • Deconstruct the plots of stories into the elements of a report.
  • Remove drama from assignments and reports
  • Outdoor activity: Small groups reporting on appraisal.
  • Lunch and discussions.
  • Delving into inspecting tree condition and writing specifications.
  • Outdoor inspection using both specimen and grove forms.
  • Indoor discussion and the quest for consistency.


Participants will take away positive experiences using two different approaches to the management of trees. They will understand:

  • Basic outlines and forensic methods to use for reports,
  • How and when new information gets incorporated or not,
  • What pitfalls and perils to look out for,
  • How to keep clients, managers, and stakeholders on board, and
  • How to deliver a defendable report that gets the job done.

By simply but systematically communicating:

  • Contractors will gain more trust and confidence from clients,
  • Employees will get through more to managers, and get more respect, and
  • More trees will be better managed, and
  • Public perception of the industry will improve.


People who attend this workshop and apply some of what they have seen will work all over the province of Queensland. They will see opportunities for their new skills to exert a positive outcome, wherever there are trees. People they interact with along the way will see tree care in a new way when objectives are clarified and specifications are clear and to the point — increasing tree value.

The purpose of the course is directly parallel with the interests of the industry. If management is simplified, the benefits and contributions made by trees will shine through. As the value of trees is appreciated, the value in tree managers, arborists who report, goes up as well.


QAA Qualified Member:     $275.00

QAA General Member:       $300.00

NON-Member:                     $330.00

Prices are GST inclusive.
Pricing includes Lunch and refreshments.

Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
CEU points will be available.