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Award voting has now closed. Winners will be announced at the 30 Year Gala Dinner on Saturday 19 November. 

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Apprentice of the Year


Nominee: Tauaiti Caulcutt

Business: Boston Tree Care

Tauaiti has grown incredibly as a person during his first years of his apprenticeship. He struggled with mental health and through his time he has found a calling and shaken his demons. He has gone for zero industry experience to a confident climber. His knowledge of botanical names is comparable to most consulting arborists. Not a single day off, will work 7 days if required, and has an incredible attitude when doing the dirty, crap and nasty jobs. Tauaiti never complains about anything.

Nominee: Anthony Christodolous

Business: North Brisbane Trees

Anthony joined the North Brisbane Trees team in 2019 and in this short time he progressed from an Intermediate Level Climber to an Advanced Level Climber, our Senior Arborist and Supervisor. This is super impressive considering that Anthony is only 24 years old.

Anthony will soon finish up his Level 3 Arboriculture Qualification. Unlike many others, Anthony’s thoroughly enjoyed the process of obtaining this certification due to his genuine passion for all things Arboriculture. He has a love of trees and a love of climbing and after 5 hard days on the tools, it’s not uncommon for Anthony to spend his weekend doing recreational tree climbing.

North Brisbane Trees have employed over 100 full time employees since we commenced operations in 2008 and we’ve been very lucky to have some exceptional staff members. However, Anthony is the only one who we feel is likely to make Arboriculture their one and only career, such is his passion for our industry. We believe that Anthony would be a very worthy recipient of Apprentice of the Year.

Nominee: Wil Condrin

Business: She Trees

Wil always arrives early for work and puts his best effort into work every day. His attitude has been very consistent throughout his apprenticeship while always trying to do the hardest tree or attempt the most difficult task. He is on schedule to be the fastest student to tick off the Cert 3 with Craig from Australian Institute of Arboriculture. He’s a great team player who takes on feedback when learning. He’s very enthusiastic to become the best climber and is always buying new climbing equipment.

Nominee: Riley Foulis

Business: Eden Trees Arboriculture Services

Riley has demonstrated all the qualities I expect in an apprentice. He is hard working, a team player and he can work with anyone. He has become a competent climber with the opportunities he has been given and participated in QAA climbing events to learn and observe. On many occasions, we have had positive feedback from clients on his workmanship and attitude. He has invested in his own climbing kit and is always keen to have a go. He has on many occasion pushed through the pain and discomfort on the hard jobs and kept a good attitude. Riley is also well liked by his work mates and the whole company.

Nominee: Seb McDonald

Business: Branch Creek Tree Services

Seb began working for us as a labourer on weekends and school holidays as a 14 year old. He decided to become an arborist at the end of Year 10 after doing work experience in other trades. Seb began a school-based apprenticeship with us at the start of Year 11 and graduated from Year 12 in 2021. He was very enthusiastic about learning to climb and passionate about trees, plants, fungi, and soil health.

Seb worked hard with the crew as a Groundie and practiced his climbing every afternoon after school and on weekends. He spent two years driving to the Gold Coast once a fortnight to attend college at the Australian Institute of Arboriculture where he made great connections with his mentors, Craig Reed, Henk Morgans and Dan Lee. Seb put a lot of time into learning all the techniques and equipment required to be a first class climber and after two years became the main climber in one of our crews. He has driven to Brisbane on weekends to do work experience with Boston Tree Care and to further his knowledge working with Terry and Jamie. 

Seb is becoming a strong competition climber and has done all the Queensland Tree Climbing competitions since he started his apprenticeship. He was given a wild card to the ATCC in Cairns and made it to the final round in the Queensland freestyle competition the same weekend. From a bosses perspective he is reliable, hard-working and gets his work done safely and efficiently.

Nominee: Matthew Steen

Business: PowerClear

Matt stared with PowerClear in 2016, going on to be enrolled in 2018 as an apprentice Arborist who completed his Certificate III Arboriculture in 2020. After completing Cert III, Matt showed strong interest and the aptitude for further learning and was later enrolled in a Diploma of Arboriculture, completing this in March 2022. This course was completed entirely online and in Matt’s own time while still working Full Time and being On-call, showing great dedication to further learning and improving his skill and knowledge within the Arboriculture industry.  

Since completing his Diploma in March, Matt has taken on a new role within the business as a supervisor. Matt has taken on this role with great dedication and enthusiasm to apply his new learnings within the business for various clients and personnel. Matt is still a practising Arborist, with a can-do attitude and an impeccable attendance record. Matt, and the crew that he supervises, are directly responsible for the safe operation of equipment valued at over $1 million on a day-to-day basis.

Nominee: Jackson Tom

Business: The Tree Doctor (QLD)

Jackson arrived at training punctually, attended consistently, applied himself diligently, participated whole-heartedly, contributed valuably to the learning experience of his colleagues and continually strived to develop his skills and knowledge to achieve his Certificate III in Arboriculture. He’s both an asset to his employer and the wider arboriculture community and should be recognised for his achievements.

Nominee: Shay Williams

Business: Boston Tree Care

Shay has excelled at work, becoming a lead climber. Shay has done incredibly well as a new competition climber, finishing 4th at QTCC, 8th at the Australian Tree Climbing Championship and 3rd at this year’s Freestyle competition in Cairns.



Mentor of the Year


Nominee: Anthony Allan

Business: Powerclear

Everyone knows Turbo. When someone shows the slightest bit of passion about the industry, he is the first person to volunteer to train them, whether its ripping or rigging, or jumping the canopy like Tarzan. Turbo has wasted so much of his private time to get up in a tree to teach me and anyone who is keen. This man deserves this award.

Nominee: Jamie Boston

Business: Boston Tree Care

As an apprentice for Boston Tree Care, having a mentor like Jamie, who has gained the experience over the years in this industry and the training capabilities that he has, is great. I believe he’s definitely the best mentor in helping the boys and everyone else in the tree game progress and succeed in a safe, productive manner.

Nominee: Henk Morgans

Business: Evergreen Tree Care

Henk has been a leading arborist at the forefront of arboriculture in Australia for nearly two decades. His company, Evergreen Tree Care, is regarded as one of the best in Brisbane and constantly strives to set an example for the rest of the industry. One couldn’t ask for a better mentor, his willingness to take on amateurs and push them to become professionals in a short space of time, is second to none. Henk is extremely generous and is always willing to provide gear and technical training, despite his busy schedule. I feel extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding and experienced arborist as a mentor.

Nominee: Joe Taua

Business: Powerclear

Joe has been in the industry for over 25 years. He has worked with everyone including the Boston boys.

I started in this industry as a 30 year old who wanted to learn to climb. Everyone kept telling me I was too old. Joe would stay back after work to teach me the basics and went above and beyond. I am now climbing after 12 months. Joe has also got a strict attitude when it comes to cutting which has been imbedded into me. We call him the pope because when he talks, you shut up and listen.



Best Picture Award


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Sustainable Practices Award


Nominee: PowerClear

For the last 6 years PowerClear, on average, has planted and maintained 10,000 to 13,000 trees for local Councils and Government Organizations. PowerClear specialises in the planting and maintenance of trees from 25 litre to 400 litre tree stock, allowing us to make a large contribution to replenishing the environment.

PowerClear has been protecting the environment be doing the following:

  • PowerClear takes environmental protection seriously and has invested significantly to develop and implement stringent policies, procedure and 3rd party certifications to ensure all tasks undertaken are completed in an environmentally sensitive nature.
  • PowerClear hold external 3rd Party Certification for ISO14001:2015: Environmental Management
  • PowerClear hold a Fire Ant Risk Management Plan Approved by Biosecurity Queensland
  • PowerClear holds a ERA33 Environmental Authority Permit that allows us to screen wood mulch
  • PowerClear has developed our own app that tracks, and records, waste streams generated from our vegetation works. That app allows us to track the by-products generated and the amount that is recycled.

PowerClear is changing its business to be more sustainable / environmentally friendly by understanding that works undertaken in the Arboricultural industry can have a negative effect of the environment. In turn, over the past 18 years PowerClear has focused on reducing our impact on the environment by developing initiatives to recycle 100% of the timber by product produced from vegetation works. These Initiatives include:

Timber Milling

PowerClear owns and operates a timber mill for the processing of timber barrels into planting pegs to be re-used on our planting works throughout South East Queensland. Timber of a higher grade is milled and utilised in the cabinet and construction industry

Mulch Production

PowerClear owns and operates a mulch trommel and horizontal grinder for the reprocessing and screening of mulch to be re-used on our planting works throughout South East Queensland.

Nominee: Tree Maintenance & Removal

Tree Maintenance & Removal (TM&R) was established to allow customers an option of engaging with an arboricultural entity dedicated to the future of trees within our society. This is highlighted in the business moto of “Helping People & Tree Live Together”.  

TM&R refuses tree works based on the unreasonable/unnecessary destruction of trees and our administration systems use electronic devices to minimise waste. All trucks are fitted with Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD), which reduces harmful tailpipe emissions, and mineral oils (e.g. bar lube) have been replaced with plant-based oils (as suitable). 

In-house, TM&R grows native trees for replacement for tree removals and undertakes tree planting works. Rainwater is collected and stored for business use. This includes washing equipment, water for tree planting, and growing “in-house” native trees. In addition, this recycled water is used to clean and maintain our suite of vehicles. 

TM&R owns and uses an electric motor equipped EWP, a battery electric vehicle and has quotes for electric trucks. TM&R enhanced its transition away from combustion engines and non-renewable consumables with the introduction of battery electric chainsaws in 2016. Electric equipment is charged using a connection to a 30kW solar panel array (generating an average output of over three megawatts per month or equivalent to planting approximately 530 trees per year).  

Uniforms for TM&R are continually altering to utilise only natural fibres, choosing to vie away from synthetic materials. Work shirt logo patches are used, instead of embroidery, to allow the logo patches multiple use.  

TM&R highlights waste management as a key element in sustainable business practices. This includes waste management of separate metal, e-waste, soft plastic, food, cans/bottles, vegetation, battery, general recycling, and general waste.



Lifetime Member Award


Nominee: Peter Bishop

Business: Bunya Solutions

Peter has been a relevant contributor to the Association for more than the last three decades. He has been present at many events and seminars offering questions, comment, and information gleaned from many years of involvement in the industry. Few members can match this interest and enthusiasm and its recognition with an assured membership is not only fitting but a credit to the Association.

Nominee: Jonathan Hobbs

Business: Holistic Tree Management Pty Ltd

Jonathan held multiple positions on the QAA Executive Committee, including that of President. Jonathan and his committee members made significant improvements to the standards of the QAA including developing the first business plan and the establishment of the contractors and consultants registers. He is very deserving of this award. 

Nominee: Alice Rankine

Business: Independent Arboricultural Services

Alice has tirelessly and without complaint assisted the QAA over many years. In most recent times, Alice was kind enough to write the Arbor Age articles. Alice has also been a driving force behind the Women in Arb.